Hotstar Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox


Here's a way for all the Hotstart admirers to get along from anywhere in the world and roll into the wonderland of Hotstar. Hotstar Party is your new uncomplicated way to host fun and frolic in a few simple clicks. Watch Party by Hotstar Party Extension is all you need to binge your Hotstar shows and movies with a complete feeling. The coolest feature of this Hotstar Watch Party Extension is that it lets you host a virtual watch party from anywhere in the world. So it doesn't matter where your family members are. You can now have fun communicating with them. Additionally, you can sync and stream anything together without any issues, making it feel like you're in the same room even when you're not. Numerous features of the extension will elevate your streaming spree experience.
Additionally, the host of the Hotstar Watch Party gets full control over the virtual watch party and can modify the parameters as they see fit. To soak up all the entertainment by confabulating with your pals while you chat and share responses to ongoing scenes. As intriguing and amusing as it sounds, you can partake in this to witness the magic created with some good content and the company of your loved ones. Moreover, with Hotstar Party, it all gets better every time. Follow the below instructions on how to download and install the extension. Also, learn about everything there is to know why hosting a virtual movie night with Hotstar Party is the best thing.


Are you a Hotstar fanatic who loves to binge-watch Hotstar shows and movies? Then the Hotstar Party is vital for you at no cost at all. Therefore, you can watch seamlessly in sync with any of your friends around the world. It’s effortless hosting a watch party if you follow these simple steps.

It takes just a few minutes, and the process is straightforward to download the Hotstar Party extension. Simply follow these instructions precisely.

Search for the Hotstar Party extension there by going to the official Chrome Web Store. You can also click here to download the extension.

Note: You can also use the Microsoft Edge browser to download the extension. Furthermore, the Hotstar Party Extension is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Chromebook devices.

Click the "ADD TO CHROME" button after that.

A brief popup will now appear and ask you to confirm your decision to install the extension. Therefore, in order to continue, you must click the "ADD EXTENSION" button.

Additionally, the extension needs to be pinned to the toolbar. If the extension icon isn't visible there, you may also discover it by clicking the puzzle icon in the top-right corner of your browser. The easy steps to install the Hotstar Watch Party extension were these. So, if you carefully follow them, you'll be able to download the extension and sync your watch parties with everyone else on the planet. You still need to understand how to use the extension, too. To learn how to utilize this extension, read on.

Now that you've added the extension to your device let's continue the process further. Be the finest host of online parties by following the instructions listed below. So, have your beverage and popcorn ready.

Installing and pinning the Hotstar party extension is the first step.

Additionally, you must access the Hotstar streaming platform and log in with your subscribed account. Ensure that you are logged into your own account.

Find a video on Hotstar that you want to watch at your watch party now. Also, you can search for the video before playing it.

After that, click the extension icon you already pinned. Here, a window will pop up saying "START A PARTY" and the button "CREATE A WATCH PARTY." In order to create an invitation link, you must click that button.

All that's left to do is invite your pals over for the party of a lifetime by sharing the watch party URL with them. Thus, share the watch party invitation link with your loved ones.

Stand Apart Features on Hotstar Party

Hotstar Party Extension has numerous outstanding features that make it a phenomenal extension to utilize. The following are all those listed characteristics that would make you rush to download the extension instantly.

The Hotstar Watch Party extension is accessible worldwide for everyone to use. Accordingly, you can use it anywhere on the planet. However, make sure that the Hotstar streaming service is available in your region and country. In this manner, you can employ a robust VPN to change your area and activate a Hotstar in such cases. And then, you will be able to connect with your friends and family over a virtual movie night.

Your watch party companions can share mutual smiles and reactions on an ongoing scene. Therefore, this fantastic feature of the group watch enables you to maintain a conversation between the party guests. Additionally, the fact that you are seated next to one another in the same area provides you comfort. Further, you can respond to party guests by sending them emoticons.

One of the most exceptional parts of the Hotstar Party is that it permits you to personalize your profile. From this time forward, you can keep peculiar and customized monikers on your profile. Likewise, you can choose and save any charming or cool symbol or profile picture. Accordingly, you can redo your profile as you would prefer.

In the Hotstar Party extension, you have some control over your watch party and keep up with its protection. Furthermore, as a host, you can take the general admittance to the watch party by turning the "I HAVE CONTROL" button green. This way, you will get to add and eliminate individuals. Additionally, you play, stop, rewind and forward the streaming content.

Hotstar Watch Party Extension is a progressive extension that improves your streaming experience. Besides, it endeavors to give the best marathon-watching experience possible. In this manner, it provides premium quality streaming goals. Moreover, you can enjoy the content with your loved ones by streaming it in sync.

The Hotstar Party is a free extension to access and utilize so that you may have all those features and entertainment at your disposal. From this point on, you can access this amusement free of charge.


The Hotstar party extension is specially curated for all Hotstar fans. Whether it’s shows, movies, or even live sports, you will be able to enjoy the watch party seamlessly. Furthermore, it has some wonderful features to enhance your experience and bring you to ease. Let’s break into the features.

All Hotstar subscribers can use the extension, a free tool, to view any show, movie, or video in sync with those who live elsewhere. They can also text and send emojis to one another while watching their favorite shows together. The extension can be installed anywhere in the world and is, best of all, completely free.

For help installing the extension, please click here. You must choose the blue "Add to Chrome" button on the official installation page of the extension after clicking this link. Additionally, you will be prompted to give permission before the extension can be added to your browser. To do this, click the "Add Extension" button. The extension will now be set up on your computer.

One Watch Party session can accommodate up to 100 participants. On the other hand, each party participant needs their own Hotstar membership to participate in the virtual watch party.

You can join a watch party using the link your friend or watch part host shared with you. In addition, if you haven't already, you must download the watch party extension after clicking the link.