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How to Create a Watch Party in Hotstar

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Do you want to experience a whole new way of streaming your favorite shows, movies, series, and animated videos with your friends? If yes, then you don’t need to go anywhere, as using Hotstar Party on the Disney Plus platform enables it easily. Moreover, it is an incredible feature that allows you to watch and enjoy streaming content worldwide. At the same time, it allows you also to add and invite your friends and family to join the fun. In order to unlock this exciting feature, you only need to download the Hotstar Party Chrome extension. But before doing this, ensure to have a compatible web browser or device. 

Furthermore, if you already have them, get ready to experience an unforgettable movie night. If you are looking forward to acquiring more information, review what’s provided below. Don’t worry; we are not over yet. Because your favorite Hotstar Party feature is packed with amazing and user-friendly features. And using these features will help take your watch party to reach the next level. 

How Can We Create A Watch Party Using Hotstar? 

Now, let's get into the exciting part about watching a Hotstar Party with your friends. Now, follow these simple steps to create an unforgettable watch party experience:

1. Firstly, install the Hotstar Watch Party extension on your compatible device. The compatible ones are Windows, macOS, or Chromebook. Also, try to use a compatible web browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

2. Next, pin the Hotstar Party Chrome extension to your toolbar for easy access. Therefore, click on the Hotstar Party Chrome extension icon next to the toolbar. And then, click on the Hotstar Party Chrome extension icon.

3. Afterward, sign in to your Hotstar account; if you have one. But, if you don’t have one, then create an account for yourself. Moreover, ensure that you and your friends have a Disney Plus Hotstar subscription.

4. Further, it would help if you created a watch party by signing in to your account. Also, select a video to stream and click on the "DP" button in the toolbar. Then, click on the "Start the Party" icon to generate the Hotstar watch party link. And don’t forget to share the link with your friends to invite them to join you and stream together at the watch party.

5. Being a participant, if you want to join a watch party, then click on the watch party link. Your friend or host must send the link via email or other messaging options. You will be directed to the Hotstar Watch Party automatically, where you can connect with other virtual party members and embark on an incredible streaming adventure together.

Hence, get ready for an unparalleled streaming experience with Hotstar Watch Party. Moreover, it helps to create lasting memories, share laughter, and enjoy your favorite content. But not alone; include your friends & family too, all within the virtual realm of Hotstar Party. So, gather your loved ones, download the Hotstar Party Chrome extension, and let the entertainment begin!

Beneficial Features Of Using Hotstar Party

Let's dive into these fantastic features and discover how you can organize your ultimate Hotstar Watch Party by installing the Hotstar Watch Party Extension. So let’s begin it; 

1. First Up, We Have The Group Chat While Streaming Feature. 

Using this feature lets you stay connected with your loved ones as you chat & share opinions. And even exchange reviews about the thrilling action, heartwarming romance, and captivating scenes unfolding on your screens. Moreover, it enables expressing yourself using emojis and text messages. Hence, you can add an extra layer of excitement to your movie nights.

2. Another One Is Hotstar Party's Global Accessibility Feature.  

Another, the “Global Accessibility” feature, lets you stream from anywhere worldwide. No matter where you are, this feature ensures that you never miss out on the fun. However, if you encounter availability issues, use VPN services to change your location and unlock seamless streaming.

3. Ready For Astonishing HD Picture Quality Hotstar Party’s Feature.  

Get ready for a visually stunning experience as Hotstar Watch Party lets you stream in HD picture quality. Immerse yourself in the high-definition content, bringing every detail to life and enhancing your viewing pleasure.

4. Make Your Profile Stand Out With The Profile Customization Feature. 

Add cool and funny avatars to your profile icon, giving it a unique touch. Personalize your username and nickname, showcasing your individuality and making your presence felt in the Hotstar Party community.

5. Take Charge Of Your Watch Party With The Control Watch Party Feature. 

Enable the "Only I have control" button to have full control over the party, allowing you to edit and change the settings of the selected videos for streaming. Alternatively, you can turn off this feature to let everyone participate and contribute to the watch party experience.

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